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We started Data Driven Marketing in 1994 with the goal of helping local businesses take advantage of (the then very new!) technology to market and grow their business. Our staff had been working in the fast-paced technology industry from the beginning and  saw that many business owners had no idea how they could take advantage of it the way the major corporations were.

Hard to believe, but when we started in 1994 there were only about 100 active websites—yes, only 100! So it was a very different set of technologies that were available for business marketing than what we have today. Remember Yellow Pages ads…newspaper ads…coupon books…billboards? Certainly those media options still exist but they are definitely not the ideal way for you to reach your exact target audience at the time they are ready to buy!

Online ads, videos, 5-star reputation marketing, online brand marketing—that’s what you have available to you today with results that a 1994 program could never hope to achieve! So I hope you will give us a call —we’re always ready to talk about technology!—to learn about all that’s new today.

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