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video-playThere is NO better way to reach your customers than with VIDEO!

If“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,” then how much is a video worth? Well, according to Google—A LOT MORE THAN TEXT!

Google ranks sites and blogs that contain video as having a much higher “authority” score and, therefore, displays them much higher in the search results than text and image sites.

It is so much more effective for a prospect to hear your voice and see your message communicated in multi-media than to simply read text.

Do you know what the 3 most-visited websites on the Internet are? #1 and #2 are Google and Facebook, respectively. And #3 is YouTube.

In today’s multi-media environment, most people aren’t attracted to large amounts of text —even nicely formatted text with attractive graphics. But they will watch a video. When they do read, they skim, often missing some of the most important points you wanted to make.

In fact, you’re probably skimming this page right now. . . aren’t you?

It’s ok; we all do it.

With a video, however, your audience will hear every word and see every image, and your message becomes much easier to understand and digest, especially to someone without a lot of time and patience.

Having a YouTube video embedded on your website can also help you rank higher in search results.

In fact, a webpage with an embedded video is 50 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page than a webpage with just text and pictures.

Videos are really easy to share on Social Media too, which improves your “trust and authority” ranking—a major factor in your search results position!

If you think a video marketing program is too hard to develop or too costly for your budget, we have good news for you: it’s easy, effective, and economical! Give us a call and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

Here’s why you should call Data Driven Marketing:

  • Professionally produced videos.
  • Experts at creating interesting, compelling content that gets noticed.
  • We understand the “New SEO” and make sure your videos work for you.
  • You own your videos and all the distribution rights 100%.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Fast turnaround time.

No matter what you’re promoting, you can explain it better with a video.

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